Founded in 1939 as a coolant pump manufacturer, Graymills added parts washers to their product line in 1944 and has been going strong ever since.  

Headquartered in Chicago Illinois Graymills boasts a 117,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility where top of the line parts washers, coolant pumps, and filtration products are produced.

HM Industrial Sales is very proud to represent Graymills in the great states of Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Northern Kentucky.  Hm Industrial Sales has been selling Graymills products for the better part of 25 years, so our knowledge of the product line is unsurpassed.  Whether you are an end user looking to replace a simple coolant pump that has gone down on a machine, an OEM looking for equipment to go on your final product, or a distributor who has a customer looking at a Graymills product for a specific application, HM Industrial Sales can help.  To check out Graymills full line of products visit    


Graymills products can be found on a variety of machine tools in the field.  If you are a machine builder of any type of equipment that moves even a drop of fluid Graymills and HM Industrial Sales can help.  With the wide array of coolant pumps in Graymills product line, chances are we have a pump to fit your application.  This is where HM Industrial Sales comes in.   We will meet with you and go over your specific needs such as flow rates and PSI requirements to recommend the best possible pump.  We also have special OEM pricing structures to keep you competitive when you bring your final product to market.


If you're a distributor with a customer that has interest in a Gryamills product, or if you are an end user that feels more comfortable going through an already established distributor that calls on your shop we can help.  We work with distributors on a daily basis to meet all their customers needs.  While Graymills does have a lot of product in some of the largest catalog houses in the country the Graymills product line is so extensive that a lot of times the product you really need isn't one that can be found on a catalog page.  HM Sales will make a joint call with a distributor to make sure their customers needs are met.  We offer many different distributor pricing levels to ensure that you are competitive as well.

End Users

Whether you just landed a new job that requires a final cleaning and you need a parts washer, or you are currently leasing a washer and are tired of paying the costly service fees and are considering owning your own washer HM Industrial Sales can help.  We will come in and take a look at your situation and make a proper recommendation that will work best for your application.  We offer 2 week trials on a majority of our washers as well as the option to send parts into Chicago for test cleaning in our full line of washers to pin point which washer works best for your situation. 

In todays environment higher speeds and feeds are necessary for proper machining and to maximize tooling life.  A lot of times machines are running with pumps that just aren't delivering enough pressure to run at an optimal level.  We can come in and determine which pump will have you running at the highest level of production possible.  Next day shipping on our in stock pumps is also very helpful when a pump goes down and you can ill afford to have a machine shut down. 

Call Us

If you are an OEM, distributor, or end user in Michigan, Ohio, West Virgina, or Northern Kentucky and you have a question regarding anything Graymills related please call us because we can help.  Thank you for taking the time to look over our site and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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